h=64 мм
h=64 мм


TG-6 is a metallplastic cap with ring controling the opening. It is applied to screw cap bottles according to standart KMP-26.


Height: 64 mm
Diameter: 26 mm
Norm: КMP-26


  • Embossing on the top and side surfaces
  • 4-color offset print on the sides
  • 10-color offset print on the sides
  • 3-color silkscreen on the sides
  • 3-color pad printing on the top
  • 3-color lithography


  • Anticounterfeit protection
  • Medical sterility
  • The leaks are impossible
  • Wide range of painting and decoration
  • Electronic quality control

All elements of the cap pass through ionisating system for neutrolizing the static E-voltage and antidust treatment before setting up. The setting up is processed in the room with overpressure (analog of "white room"). Due to piculiarities of scheme, applying unique equipment and high quality materials the leaks of the cap dispencer are impossible.

This model is under protection of European patent for inventions

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