Production of Closures

Today the LLC «Talog» manufacture has no analogues in Russia. In 10 years our company has made an enormous dash in production capacity of closures. Starting in 2004 with 3–4 mln. closures a month, we plan to bring the month capacity in 2014 up to 120 mln. Location in the Central Federal district of RF and high degree of team proficiency permit us to operate practically online. Loyal customers receive the necessary capacity of closures literally within days after ordering.

Following the principle of maximalism in production sphere, the «Talog» has equipped it’s manufacture with a technically perfect machines of leading European suppliers. After reconstruction of production facilities, every customer will have possibility to evaluate universality and perfection of Talog production cycle.

The complete production cycle allows to develop know-how in closures area. By elaboration of closure models, first of all, our specialists pay attention to constructive characteristics of closure, which have to secure the consumer from re-filling. All Talog-closures are provided with an efficient protection element and international patents. Other competitive advantage of “Talog” is a wide range of decoration possibilities of closure. Today our company is one of the few manufacturers in Europe and the single one in Russian Federation, which posses the machines for all types of decoration:

Decoration of closure:

Multicolor sputtering: allows to print images of any color scheme, using designer fonts.
Hot foil printing: creates a unique image of final product, providing a complete irrationality of counterfeit.
Multicolor offset printing: allows to print up to 5 colors both on lateral and frontal surfaces.
Serigraphy, relief printing, multicolor tampoprinting.

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