Production of Closures

LLC «Talog» is the largest producer of closures for distilled beverages in Europe. Nowadays the company “Talog” offers more than just a closure. It provides a perfect protection system for customer’s brand, which secures it against banal fakes, lay-up of line and poor quality of components. A progressive development of unique manufacture let the “Talog” to set ambitious strategic objectives – to achieve the market share of 70% and to expand international presence of the company.
Impetuous development of manufacture and expansion of sales markets guarantees a strict observance of “Talog”-values, which are:

  • constant aspiration to technological perfection. LLC “Talog” always follows the principle of maximalism in quality standards and multiplicity of products. Our manufacture is equipped with a technically perfect machines for closure production and decoration of leading European suppliers and has no analogues in Eastern Europe;

  • team of professionals creates foundation for achievements. A high degree of staff proficiency is an invariable priority for top management of “Talog”. Our team is constantly supplemented with best branch specialists in the field of production technologies, marketing and sales. The system of production and business processes management is implemented in the company;

  • measure of our success is development of our customers. LLC «Talog» is a client-oriented company, which means, that every project is completely individual and corresponds with the product targeting, consumer’s preferences and manufacturer’s requirements.

  • we spare our customer’s time. The “Talog” plant is located in logistic center of Russia, what let us promptly deliver large bathes of closure throughout country. LLC «Talog» offers a unique service of fast order execution: cycle of primary appeal to order fulfillment of several thousand closures takes as a rule little more than a week.

123290 Moscow, 1st Magistralniy, д. 5А Impass, 8th floor, office C 802, business center «Magistral Plaza»
Phone: +7 (495) 648-06-11; Phone./Fax: +7 (495) 645-59-49. Sales department email:

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