Production of Closures
"TALOG GROUP" is the leader in Russia in the field of production of multicomponent closures for the liquor industry. Today TALOG GROUP offers more than just bottle caps or vodka plugs with a dispenser. The company creates for its customers' brands a perfect system of protection against risks of all kinds - from banal fakes to layup lines and problems with the quality of components.

To achieve serious success in the field of production development and expansion of sales markets allowed the strict adherence to own values:

Constant striving for technological excellence, a deep level of automation of all production processes. Equipment for the manufacture of stoppers for bottles of vodka with the latest world achievements in the field of production and decoration of closures;

The basis of achievements is a team of professionals. For the management of TALOG GROUP, the high professionalism of employees of all levels is a constant priority. Our team constantly replenishes with the best specialists of the industry in the field of production technologies, marketing, sales.

The criterion of our success is the growth of clients' business. The company "TALOG GROUP" adheres to the customer-oriented approach to doing business. Each capping project is completely individual and takes into account the positioning of the product, its message to the buyer, the needs of the manufacturing company. We produce both plastic plugs for vodka with a dispenser, as well as aluminum bottle caps and caps made from a combined material;

We appreciate the time of our partners. The location of TALOG GROUP production in the logistics center of Russia allows the company to promptly supply large quantities of vodka caps throughout the country. "TALOG GROUP" offers unique opportunities for the operational execution of orders: the cycle from initial circulation to the manufacture of an order of several hundred thousand plugs, as a rule, takes slightly more than a week.

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